Watchtower Indicators

Project: Watchtower indicators
Client:  PWN
Year:    2017

Background Information

My father suggested to the 'PWN' ('Pure Water and Nature' A Dutch Water Supply company) several years ago to build a new watchtower on the "Kruisberg" in Heemskerk. The 'PWN' accepted the idea and wrote out a pitch to different agencies. My farther drew his design on a day when he was relaxing at his beach home. His idea was chosen to be the best and from that moment my father was allowed to run and realize project.

Later he suggested the idea to place indicator-signs on the top of the tower that point out to various positions in the nearby area and to positions outside the Netherlands. The PWN was enthusiastic about the idea. My father and the PWN gave me the opportunity to design the indicators. During the project my father got cancer but he was able to finish the tower. The tower was officially opened by the Mayor of Heemskerk in March 2011.

The official name of the tower is: the Kruisberg tower but all his friends and family call it: "t Torentje van Nico" (Nico's tower). A few moths after the official opening my farther passed away at September the seventieth, 2011.

This is a special project for me. It's a project where our specialties came together. It means a lot to me.
Niels Visser Copyright 2018